Private Guard

Al Harrasi has a very organized method for the service of the Private Guard.

Your security is the top priority at Al Harrasi. Our Guards are specially trained to provide you with private security for yourself and your belongings. Private Guard service consists of very top quality to ensure your safety.

Al Harrasi provides a top-class security guard service that makes the cost and service easier for small, medium and large organizations all over UAE. Our company takes care of both local and commercial clients with the opportunity to access several types of top protection. Our highly trained guards will patrol your property in clearly marked vehicles during and make sure that you are safe in whatever place you are.

Our Guards are trained to sense danger and take the right action when needed. They are skilled to deal with any situation that can affect you in any bad way. In our private Guard service, you are equipped with the top-class Security Guards who can go through extreme measures to guard you and keep the level of security around you immensely high.

Our private guards are permissible to follow you anywhere you want and remove any hurdle that comes in your way. Our guards are responsible, sincere, affectionate and obedient to you.

Private Guard Service of Al Harrasi, gives you a feeling of inner peace and comfort.